*Terms and conditions 

Opening Hours

The ‘usual’ opening Times are 9.30 am – 4pm – 51 weeks of the year, closed for Christmas and new year and most Bank holidays. 

Where ‘Contracted hours’  are stated these are between 10 am – 3.30pm ( Full day) , 10am -12.30pm ( half Day AM), 1pm -3.30pm  (half day PM). Unless requested any extra hours outside of these times will be charged at an additional fee.  Lateness charges will apply for late collection after 15-30 minutes of lateness. If Your are going to be late please ensure you contact the Centre and or make alternative arrangements for collection. Please note late arrival does not constitute for late collection. 


We operate a looked door policy for the protection of both our staff and service users . Please ensure ID is brought with you if we do not have prior knowledge as to who you are.


Settling in Sessions

Every potential service user is given the opportunity to formally request a period to see if the service is suitable to them. This should be requested prior to engagement The time and duration is dependent on the individuals needs. 

Service Users Belongings

All cloths and belongs should be clearly labelled and stored in the allocated area provided at the Centre. We take no responsibility for Service users personal belongings and will not pay any costs regarding loss or damage to said property.


From Time to time we may need to take photos of our service user as part of our evidence gathering procedures. Some of these may also be used as part of our promotional marketing materials. Should you object to any of these please inform the manager of the Centre in writing. 


Dress Code. 

We believe in individuality and self expression however we believe there is a limit and we do no condone or support inappropriate clothing depicting offensive, abusive, racist, sexist or homophobic imagery, language or iconography. You will be asked to change or leave. 

We respect ever persons wright to practice a faith or religion this include wearing or displaying religious symbols in or on their items of clothing.  However we do no support any for of religious extremism and or material depicting Anti social behaviour or views or that which promotes Terrorism. 

Payment and Fees

All ‘Contracted hours’ must be paid in full regardless of attendance. A position has been reserved for the service user and is not normally possible to fill at short notice should they not attend. All agreed extra hours must be paid in full regardless of attendance.  Fees are charged all year round unless stipulated on the title page. 

If the service user is collected later than 30minutes after their session has ended additional fees will be added. Early drop offs will not be permitted unless requested with reasonable notice. Late drop offs do not constitute late collections. If the Service user is collected earlier the full fee still applies.  All fees are due monthly within 15 days of the invoice being issued. Failure to pay by the due date will result in additional fees, eventually resulting in loss of service should invoice continue to be outstanding or late.

You will be notified at least 4 weeks before any changes of service equally at least 4 weeks notice is required for any changes in hours or contract amendments. Fees will be reviewed annually. Any changes will be communicated at least 4 weeks before they are due to take effect. 

The Diem Centre may need to change the terms and conditions where such changes arise from regulatory issues, changes in legislation affecting the Diem Centre, invoicing procedural changes or in any reasonable opinion of the Diem Centre it is in the interests of the Individuals attending the service.  We will give at least 4 weeks written notice of such change.


Notice of holiday is requested at a minimum of 4 week for which the full fee is still incurred. The Centre will give notice for any holidays or breaks in service, this will not result in the service user being charged.  Bank holidays are not worked but are charged where contracted hours fall on such days. 

Transport and Meals 

Unless stated, the service user will provide their own transport to and from the Centre as well as their own meals. Should we be required to provide transport the appropriate fees will be charged and added to the invoice with 24 hours notice required for cancellation. The fee is still charged if the Service user refuses to attend or enter the vehicle. The Diem Centre will provide any snacks and refreshments during the session. 

Day Trips 

 Occasionally there will be the opportunity to go out on day trips. You will be informed and given plenty of notice. Normally the entry fees are to be paid by the service user unless agreed in advance and stated in the service agreement. Should you so wish, any additional fees can be paid for by the Centre at the point of entry and added to the service invoice at the end of the month.  Please be aware that it is your responsibility to be suitably clothed and protected as is sufficient to attend the conditions of the trip / day. The Centre does not provide extra clothing in such cases. 

Contract Termination 

The Centre reserves the right to terminate the contract if the service users behaviour becomes such that the safety and or wellbeing of its staff or other services users are threatened. Our professional judgement in such circumstances is final. 

All service users are to be dropped off and picked up from the Diem Centre with any care provider/ family or next of kin agreeing to follow the Centres Policies and procedure and abide by there content. 

Service Policies’s & Procedure’s available on request.  Please do not hesitate to discuss any issues with our service with the Centre manager.


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