CQC's Mental Health Act report

The annual Mental Health Act report, published by the Care Quality Commission (CQC),try to look at the care and treatment people receive when they are held under various sections of the Mental Health Act. Whats most interesting are its Key Finding:

• The use of the Mental Health Act has continued to rise with 49,988 new detentions recorded for 2018/19. • Black people were four times more likely to be detained under the Act than White people, and are more likely be given Community Treatment Orders • Mental healthcare providers are failing to protect the human rights of some people who are sectioned.

To us this is evidence that our mental healthcare system is on its knees. It is a national disgrace that people are dying due to a lack of beds, or that more people are being detained under the Mental Health Act than ever before and that Black people are still four times more likely to be sectioned than White people. These amongst other issues are a why the whole system needs to be reformed and a massive overhaul takes place. We as a provider of support will always try to do our utmost to ensure the service users we support are support to the best of our abilities. It seems to us though that this is a great injustice and could be equivalent to negligence that there has been a fall in the number of mental health beds without any alternatives or plans in place. We believe that an expansion of community mental health services should take place and the other providers like ourselves should do our utmost to provide support where it is needed the most. The Government must address these issues and drastic measures must be put in place to insure the infringement of peoples woman tights in these situations come to an end.

We can not overstate the urgency of the reforms needed in the Mental Health Act but also across the whole of the Health and Social Care sector. We can not delay any further and must prioritise Our countries Mental and Social Health and take greater care of those who are the most vulnerable in our society.


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