Diem Centre Core Values


EXCELLENCE - We aim to achieve the highest standard in everything we do 

TRUST - We have confidence in the ability and commitment of others 

RESPECT - We see all people as being valuable acknowledging the individuality, opinions, needs 

and abilities. 

OPENNESS - We foster an environment that encourages honest communication in all dealings. 

EQUALITY - We treat all colleagues and customers fairly and consistently. We promote equal rights and ensure resources are allocated according to need. 

ENJOYMENT - We obtain personal and professional satisfaction in an environment where everyone

feels they belong.

Your rights to a Great Service 
We at the Diem Centre will strive to ensure the rights of each customer are met unequivocally:
-To dignity and respect 
· To a safe, healthy environment in which all of their basic needs are met 
· To have opportunities to develop intellectual, social, physical and creative abilities to the fullest
· To be treated as an individual and have personal needs met
· To have culture, religion and language respected and affirmed 
· To have opportunities for play as a learning experience 
· To have opportunities for rest and leisure 
· To feel safe physically, emotionally and psychologically 
· To a caring, responsive environment 
· To have access to appropriate spaces, equipment and social opportunities to support their development 
· To routine and continuity in a settled environment 
· Not to be punished physically or psychologically or exposed to ridicule 
· To choose what to be involved in and have an opinion on matters affecting them