Frequently Asked Questions 

Who do we support ? 

We support Adults with a wide range of Mental health needs, Learning Disabilities and Challenging behaviour as well as those with Autism and Downs Syndrome. 

What is the Age Range of the people we support?  

We support Adults aged 18 years and older. 

Where are we based

Our Primary service is based in the ST James Area of Northampton. Nestled between the St James Post office and the St James Library. 

How do I procure our service ? 

You can get in touch with the Management team by our referrals service, by post, email or our Social Media outlets or by filling out a brief referral form and our Team will get in touch to speak about yours or you service users needs.

What Services do we offer ? 

We provide our service user through an enjoyable, effective and meaningful range of services and activities, we encourage all our service users  to learn new skills and become as independent as possible. We believe in empowering every one to achieve the best they can and do not limit our selves in what can be achieved. If you have a goal in mind we can help you achieve it. 

 We offer a range of ways of accessing the service . You can access our Full day session which are 10am - 3.30pm, our Morning session 10am -12.30 or our afternoon sessions which are 1pm -3.30pm.


When do we open ? 

We provide services 5 days a week at times designed to maximise and encourage  our service users to attend. These are usually Monday - Friday 10am - 3.30pm ( *Special arrangements can be prior to commencements and agreed via a contract).

What is our Background ? 

With our experienced caring team we have a wide variety of skills and talents with experience spanning more than 20 years in Health and social care. Our team members have received training and qualifications ranging from Health and Social Care NVq's to Masters in Art therapy and Degrees in Psychology and Counselling .  All our team receive regular training including relevant programs relating to MAPPA , STUDIO 3 and Autism Awareness as well as our use of E-Learning.